DIY Candle Care: Maintaining the Longevity of Your Favorite Scents
Posted on October 8th, 2023.

Candles hold the power to transform a space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility. To ensure your favorite scents linger longer and burn brighter, proper candle care is essential. As a Candle and Skin Care E-commerce base…

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Candlemaker Natasha Faublas’s Booming ‘Brooklyn Essence’

Brooklyn Essence LLC, an organic candle and skincare company based in Brooklyn, is bringing success to founder and creative designer Natasha Faublas.

“Starting your own candle business is a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor,” said Faublas, “I am always proud of ev…

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The Benefits of Soy Wax Candles: Why They're a Healthier Choice
Posted on October 7th, 2023.

Soy wax candles have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. As a Candle and Skin Care E-commerce business based in Brooklyn, we are passionate about the benefits that soy wax candles bring to your home and …

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Black-Owned Brands we Love: Brooklyn Essence 

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding, but it is not without challenges, especially during two pandemics. Some days are lovely, while others are anxious, worrisome, and frustrating. Natasha…

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