Candlemaker Natasha Faublas’s Booming ‘Brooklyn Essence’

Candlemaker Natasha Faublas’s Booming ‘Brooklyn Essence’

Brooklyn Essence LLC, an organic candle and skincare company based in Brooklyn, is bringing success to founder and creative designer Natasha Faublas.

“Starting your own candle business is a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor,” said Faublas, “I am always proud of every tiny achievement and how far I have come.”

Brooklyn Essence candles are designed to evoke comfort, joy, and relaxation. Faublas also sells natural oils, body soufflès, exfoliating body scrubs, washes, and healing skin candles with alluring scents. The products are 100% soy wax-derived soybeans that are eco-friendly, with wooden wicks or lead-free cotton wicks. Each candle is handmade and packaged individually with care.

“Our goal is to create products that will create a lasting impression for anyone who enjoys craftsmanship and a great candle,” said Faublas.

Faublas was born and raised in Brooklyn and her family is of Haitian descent. She always had a love for scented and unique candles. She would always have a candle nearby because it brought her tranquility. In her youth, she had brief aspirations of becoming a florist when she worked at a family-owned flower shop in Brooklyn for more than 10 years.

As an adult, Faublas became a paralegal at a Brooklyn law firm. When she was laid off from her job, Faublas saw an opportunity to have a flexible lifestyle to raise her large family and still have a successful career.

One of her youngest daughters was battling a serious case of eczema at the time. Faublas was inspired to create an all-natural candle—when heated, the wax could be applied to help soothe her daughter’s irritated skin. When the treatments worked, Faublas took the next step into entrepreneurship and by 2016, launched Brooklyn Essence from her candle-making shop in her converted garage. She was especially motivated to start a business and be a role model to her children.

Faublas can often be spotted selling her products at local artisan markets around the city,  with her kids in tow, and dazzling customers with demonstrations of how the candles work.

“Consumers want to make their homes smell good and feel comfortable, and candles are an easy way to do so,” said Faublas, “I love to hear my customers’ experience every time they light their candle. From how the scent fills the room every time, the strength is the same, and the burn is even and clean.”

Faublas still lives in Brooklyn, with her husband and children.

For more info about Brooklyn Essence products, services, and events, check out her IG or visit

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