Elevate Every Moment With Captivating Fragrance

Top Candle and Skin Care E-commerce in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Essence is the premier destination for candles crafted with the highest quality ingredients and attention to detail. We are passionate about creating candles that look amazing and smell even better. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience from start to finish.

At Brooklyn Essence, we specialize in soy candles. Soy wax is sustainable, biodegradable, and has a myriad of benefits compared to other waxes. It is considered... Read more

Aromas of Artistry, Crafted Specially for Your Moments

Brooklyn Essence's candles are unique and distinctive products. Our candles are handmade and made in small batches, combining high-quality soy wax, and the highest level of attention to detail. Candles are a great home decor item that can also help people’s health.

Customers can get a sense of the special aromas of Brooklyn Essence in our signature scents, as they are the perfect pairing between cozy notes of cinnamon cassia and brown sugar... Read more

Elevate Your Atmosphere, Embrace the Aromatic Dance

Every candle we create is unique and one-of-a-kind. This is because each candle starts with a unique blend of essential oils, herbs, and fragrance oils, which creates an entirely new, captivating aroma every time. We take great care to perfect each scent so that it smells just as the customer desires.

Not only is each candle different, but our candles are designed to bring you back to that place of comfort, joy, and relaxation. The alluring... Read more