Aromas of Artistry, Crafted Specially for Your Moments

Aromas of Artistry, Crafted Specially for Your Moments

Brooklyn Essence's candles are unique and distinctive products. Our candles are handmade and made in small batches, combining high-quality soy wax, and the highest level of attention to detail. Candles are a great home decor item that can also help people’s health.

Customers can get a sense of the special aromas of Brooklyn Essence in our signature scents, as they are the perfect pairing between cozy notes of cinnamon cassia and brown sugar infused with satisfying scents of sandalwood and vanilla. The balance of the warmth of brown sugar and the woody tones of sandalwood, in combination with the calming and sensual qualities of vanilla, creates an extremely alluring scent that invites comfort.

Once customers light the candle, the wax melts, releasing the essential oils, blended aromatics, and pure fragrances intended to create a unique scent. We love to hear how our customers' experiences every time they light one of our candle, from how the scent fills the room every time, the strength is the same, and the burn is even and clean.

Our scents offer many health and psychological benefits that may enhance people’s moods. Additionally, the smells also create a positive ambience in homes, boosting productivity and offering a sense of calm and well-being.

Our candles provide a beautiful, warm glow, and the scent can leave a comforting feeling lingering in the air. It is an uplifting gesture to light a candle, especially when our busy lives dictate living rooms and work spaces that can be dominated by devices and technology. As a reminder to step back, reflect, and breathe, the candlelight offers gentle comfort while flickering shadows dance gracefully on the walls and ceilings.

At Brooklyn Essence, we have developed a reputation for carefully crafted, distinctive products that reflect our passion for unique and aromatic candles. The candles and the scents they emit add a beautiful touch to any home and are both pleasing visually and aromatically.

We aspire to make sure all of our candles burn smoothly and evenly so that you always enjoy a completely satisfying and calming experience. The medium- and large-sized candles are ideal as a centerpiece that can be enjoyed by everyone in the home. We stand by our commitment to quality, so buy our candles and enjoy the quality, scent, durability, and longevity that come with all our candles.